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Please do "elegant writing", translation requires the use of idiomatic English, thank you! Letters are as follows: hello! I am a level 2013 professional XX folklore, school of literature and journalism, very take the liberty of bother you. Situation is like


emphasize the thing itself. Because of different cultural background, mental health standards and have some difference.(1) the research Chinese scholars in mental health standards formulated following "the more". The principle of "is a kind of

Emigration Office,I am a newcomer here from china for my poor English ,most time i cannot express myself well in such kind of language.As I've just arrived here and haven't been used to the drinking and eating habit here,I feel somewhat

亲爱的: 我不知道为什么你会对我与他的事这样大的反应,为什么你在听说别人牵我的手时语气马上变了?或许是八卦,但是我更希望不是.以前我曾经感觉到有一秒钟你对我的感觉是不一样的,当时的我有点受宠若惊呢. Dear, I don't know

Hi Jose,Last time you want me to record the problems of our factory, and will ask factory to improve according to my suggestion. If possible and you are free, I want to meet you today to discuss the implementation of all improved operations.Appreciate your earlier reply.Thanks.Lee

Single capacitive pressure sensor, which consists of circular membrane with fixed electrode. The role of membrane deformation under pressure, thereby changing the capacity of the capacitor, the sensitivity is roughly proportional to the pressure


The mistake of the express company cause the problem of the gross. For your convenience of collet your goods, we have changed the gross number.Since the Customs t

Thanks for your invitation,which is a quite big surprise to me.I would be willing to go to Oslo to join in the competition.By the way,please help me clear with following questions:1.How long will this activity last and how many days shall I stay in Norway?

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