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When it comes to having a favorite time of year, not many people would agree on a certain season. As many people would probably consider summer as their favorite. On the other hand, some people would prefer winter. Personally, I enjoy all four

Winter was gone,spring comes.I love spring best,because it's very beautiful.In spring,the weather is aways sunny and rainy,it's not cold and not hot,it's warmer and warmer.The flowers begin to open and the trees begin to turn green.The birds are

When you look around, you will find that the spring is coming. The breeze is gently brushing your face. The blue sky is above you. After raining, the flowers are blooming in the garden. The living

Spring is the season after Winter.All the snow are gone in Spring.The trees start to have leaves.The flowers start to bloom.The surrounding is turning into green instead of white.The temperature is getting higher.Birds are singing.All the animals had

许多事物都发生了变化的英文翻译_百度翻译 许多事物都发生了变化 Many things have changed 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译

My favourite season Hello,my dear friends!What's my favourite season?Let me tell you.My favourite season is spring.Spring is a lovely season,I think.There is a garden

Spring is coming, there have been great changes in my hometown.The mountain in front of my house turned green.Mountain wildflower be riotous with colour of the blooming, very beautiful!

1.The spring is coming.2.The spring is around the corner.

A volume is wide the lawn which can dash about wildly, had arrived at my life; As soon as flows swiftly is long like the waterfall current of water, had arrived at my life; The scene which makes me to shock, had arrived at my life, I no longer was I, I grow

I live in a city,since I was small,our family moved to a community,I have lived in the community for about ten years.I spend my childhood here,I make many friends,I get to know all the children here.I am so happy to live in the community,people here just

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