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Sorry,my English is very poor. 希望对你有用

Sorry, our English is not good enough! Please the person who can not speak Chinese leave

sorry i can't speak english can you speak mandarin?

1.i am sorry.i can not speak mandarin,can i speak english?2.i like to pratice to try to improve my levels by myself,do not doubt me,please.

I'm really sorry,for I don't know much English.Can we talk in Chinese?这个是极标准的,can表示询问的时候还有不接受不行的意思,但是can用于询问本身也不是很强硬.如果语气比较随和的话,用how about talking in Chinese或what about talking in Chinese也不错

Sorry for my poor English.

Excuse me, my English is too poor.Sorry,my English is too poor.这样比较符合习惯.

I am sorry 就可以了

“对不起,我不会”i'm sorry. i can 't.

I'm sorry, I can't speak English well. "对不起,我的英语说得不好”用英语可翻译为:"I'm sorry, but I can't speak English well".也可以翻译为:Sorry, my English is not good.

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