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is being studied is being protecting is being hunting 这个表达的不对应该是the photos are being taken,不是panda are being killed are being attacked(mice是mouse的复数)

If it weren't for because I love you, who CARES so much

你看看这个帖子里的英语是否适合你的需要 销售英语:行销绝招100 【1】 如果觉得可以的话,可以打开下面的网址,查找“行销绝招”就可以找到其他的了

our rock band need two great musicians

What time is it? Nearly nine o'colock. The class is begining. Let's go.

Bright 布莱特 ,翻译过来就是“明亮的”,和你名字正好对应




Dear Mary, Welcome to our class.There are 50 students in our class and we are all study hard.We always help each other to solve our probloems.In addiction,you can speak not only English but also Chinese,so please don't worry.Wh...

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