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31. A32.D33. B34. C35. C

1 pencil,2 schoolbag,3 mine 4eraser 5dictionary 6pencilbox 7books 8hers 1her 2her 3Lucy's 4my 5isn't 6yours;you 7her; Paul's 8his yours 9yours;mine 10Jim's hers 11 pencils 12 Tom's 13 me;yours 希望可以帮到你,这些都是代词中的人...

解题的过程是对的,但是在查对数表的时候,个人认为出错了。 ln100-ln350=-1.25276 ln3.2=1.163151 以此计算,m=10.77,圆整后为11分钟。

in need 3. voluntary activities 6 take some photos 10. raise our spirits 其它的都正确。 主要看句意。

1.what do you think of the movie?或How do you like the movie? 2.His favorate movie is thriller.要用单数 3.What does Jackie Chan do? 4.What does Mile like? 5.We don`t think they are very interesting

接你的答案 所以角A=角DCE 因角A+角ACB=90 所以角DCE+角ACB=90 所以角ACE=90 所以垂直




听力部分 =248.5分 1听力部分占整套试题的35%。 2短对话 8% 3长对话 7% 4短文理解 10% 5 短文听写 10%

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