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Go Hard - Wiz Khalifa And they think they know you Till one day they show you, So no matter what they say I go hard. And I think it's over, but it's never over 'cause you now you think I'm down I go hard. Get up it's that bitch...


Lucky for me that it was a hollow. For the air began to fall back into it and to fill it as water fills a bowl. I could crawl about. Presently I stood.

【少年巴比伦】 上个世纪90年代的戴城,路小路在一家化工厂上班,他是个愣头青,不知道未来和生活目标在哪里。跟着一个叫“老牛逼”的师傅混,没学会半点...

waiting for forever

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