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英语人称代词表格 造句

英语的人称代词(personal pronoun)有三种不同的人称形式:第一人称(first person)指说话人自己;第二人称(second person)指说话的对象;第三人称(third person)指说话人谈论的对象.

主格:I am a beautiful girl. You are a clever boy. He is a teather. She is a very niae nurse.We are chinese. You are all in order. They ara all good students.宾格:Excuse me,can you tell me how t

1. The teacher gave him a textbook.2. You have to go to the office right now!3. My mother make us a cheese cake. 4. You are a good person.5. That difficult project makes

i have a pen i will go to shanghai on vacation i want to learn to play piano i wear glasses today i am watching tv now i sometimes go to friends'home i either watch or play badminyon i like milk because i think it's good for healthy i don't like my cousin

人称代词:主格:iyouhesheittheyweyou 宾格:meyouhimheritthemusyou 物主代词:名词性物主代词:myyourhisheritstheirouryour 形容词性物主代词:mineyourshishersitstheirsoursyours

一、基本概念 1、人称代词主格和宾格及其用法 英语中人称代词有主格和宾格两种形式,人称代词主格及其宾格的对应形式如下:主格 I you he she it we you they 宾格 me you him her it us you them (1)人称代词主格

第一人称:we need to take care of our bodies.第二人称:you have to consider what to do next.

形容词性物主代词:my(我的) your(你的) his(他的) her(她的)its(它的) our(我们的) their(他们/她们/它们的) your(你们的)造句:myMy favourite

主格 宾格第一人称 I me we us第二人称 you you you you 第三人称 he him she her it it they them (人称代词没有谓语)

you is my friend.

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