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1、Close your book and we go off. 2、Do not listen to the parrots. 3、Now the little bird is behind the door. 4、It is time for breakfast. 5、Who is that little girl? 6、Go and get my big bag on the log. 7、I'd like a glass of ...

31. A32.D33. B34. C35. C

There is a hill in the park?

there aren't any people

spend was had How was your weekend going what did you learn does everyone eat breakfast i buy nothing,because everything is too expensive did you have fun with your european trip,mom did you like going for a walk at the beach w...




1.Whose dog is it under the tree? 2.What will you do next weekend? 3.How can I get to the City Stadium? 4.Where is Tina's father taking a walk at the moment? 5.When does Tina's sister usually go to Dance Club?

beach airplanes asleep holiday farm free difficult / hard plans picnic foreigner piano interesting a chalk pen cheap comfortable paper 17. strict 18. bedroom 19.somewhere 20. friendly 21. december 22. return 23.sleeping 24. to ...

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