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71-75 EGCBD71.E 根据第一段的叙述,主要讲如何对待顾客的抱怨,最后一句为总结句,收尾呼应.72.G 前句提到要认真聆听,还要表现出你对顾客的理解.73.C 通过全段描写判断出主题句为当顾客抱怨时,首先要道歉.7

When you sleep somewhere else, like at a summer camp or a friend's house, you know you're therefor a fun time. But for some kids, when they are away from home they feel sad. They start to miss their own beds, their own parents, and all the things

Most college students feel pressure from various angles:their families to do well in a few students simply don't want to deal with the pressure that thay face.They shut

that's a lot to deal with all at once! 是有很多的事要处理 The Whole Story of Half a Girl 是整个故事的一半的女孩

我自己的那些破事就够我忙的啦!crap本来在口语中被用来指“废话、垃圾”之类的意思,有事也可以翻译成“狗屁倒灶”,单独拿来用,作个叹词,比如别人说了个不好的消息,你可以说:Oh, crap.

歌曲名:Deal With It歌手:Groove Collective专辑:Dance Of The Drunken MasterCorbin Bleu Deal With ItWe've been together for too longAnd we've been through too muchTo have the same conversationsYou seem to like so muchStill you gotta

it's a hot potato that no one wants to deal with 意思!!这是一个烫手的山芋一样,没有人想要处理的问题


Before I have considered this question,I thought that there are dozens of troubles that I must face and resolve. But now I feel it is no more words to say when I was asked about it. Although I have to deal with many of difficult problems in my life,there is

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