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care 名词 care 动词 care 形容词 careful 副词 carefully

care 英[ke(r)] 美[ker] v. 照顾; 关心; 担心; 喜爱; n. 照顾; 小心; 忧虑; [例句]Kevin arrived right on cue to care for Harry.凯文到的正是时候,可以照顾哈丽.[其他] 第三人称单数:cares 现在分词:caring 过去式:cared 过去分词:cared

take care of 照顾 care for 关怀 care about 关心 be careful of 小心

care 名词 n. 1.看护;保护[U] Is he in the doctor's care? 他有医生治疗护理吗? 2.照料;管理;关怀[U] The baby needs a lot of care. 这婴孩需要精心照料. 3.忧虑,烦恼;心事[C][U] He is now free from all care. 他如今无忧无虑. 4.用心;努力[U]

care用法归纳 1. 用作名词:表示“注意”、“小心”、“关心”等,均为不可数名词.如: you must do it with great care. 你必须十分小心地做它. care is needed when crossing the road. 过马路时要小心. we should take good care of the


care[英][ke(r)][美][ker]v.照顾; 关心; 担心; 喜爱; n.照顾; 小心; 忧虑; 第三人称单数:cares现在进行时:caring过去式:cared过去分词:cared例句There was no one else to take care of their children.没有别人可以照料他们的孩子.You have to learn to take care of your possessions.你得学会保管好自己的财物.Young men who did not care whether they lived or died不在乎死活的年轻人

Be__careful__,you must drive ____carefully___ Don't do anything __carelessly___.Take good _____care______of yourself. careful 形容词 小心的仔细的 carefully 副词 小心地细心地 careless 形容词 粗心的 是careful的反义词 carelessly 副词 粗心地 是carefully的反义词 take care of 照顾、关心……

名词就是关心、关照的意思啦 care abbr. 1. =cooperative for american remittances to everywhere 美国援外汇款合作组织 care kk: [] dj: [] n. 1. 看护;保护[u] is he in the doctor's care? 他有医生治疗护理吗? 2. 照料;管理;关怀[u] the baby needs

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