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their health is good and they both do sports very early in the morning.... That is my description of typical family life in China. charlexbd | ...

1. watch 2. feel 3. good for 4. For example 5. talk about 6. play football 7. long, long ago 8. not long ago 9. newest 10. different countries

中国人民政治协商会议及其机构 The Chinese People’s Political Consultative ...文卫体委员会 Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports ...

在广州华南师范大学体育社会学教授谭建祥说: 赞助商和广告商急于开发这个新的收入(增长)点。"鉴于密集的媒体曝光和对广大群众的吸引力,企业赞助马拉松体育赛事是有回报的投资,更不用说比赛后,旅游景点和酒店的消费力量了。”

China Sports Lottery flagship store在个大外国网站出现过,所以更权威

Martical art .

Nappy Roots - Good Day

题目的意思是,下面哪个单词的重读音节和其他两个不同? 答案是B

知道你的意思。 became a international sport不妥之处有二: international 前面用an,不用a 较好的说法是:one of the international sports 这样改比较好: Oriental martial art, which is derived from a traditional Chinese physical act...

that wins respect from all over the world 是定语从句,修饰a sports power。 making China a sports power是make sth. sth. 的用法,第一个sth.是某物A,第二个sth是某物B,那么make sth. sth.也就是使A成为B的意思。 比如 make the tree a d...

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