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LAT EASES商标总申请量1件其中已成功注册0件,有1件正在申请中,无效注册0件,0件在售中.经八戒知识产权统计,LAT EASES还可以注册以下商标分类:第1类(化学制剂、肥料)第2类(颜料油漆、染料、防腐制品)第3类(日化用品

柯林斯英汉双解大词典 assimilate /smlet/ CET6 TEM8 ( assimilating, assimilated, assimilates )1. V-T/V-I When people such as immigrants assimilate into a community or when that community assimilates them, they become an


instruction 报错 英 [n'strk()n] 美 [n'strkn] 全球发音 跟读 口语练习 n. 指令,命令;指示;教导;用法说明 网络释义 专业释义 英英释义 指令 指示 说明 教学 短语 washing instruction 洗水指示 ; 洗水指令 ; 注意事项 ; 洗涤说明 insurance instruction 投保通知 ; 投保须知 ; 投保关照 ; 投保报信 audiovisual instruction 视听教学 ; 视听教养 ; 视听教授教养 ; 视听传授


Moter Toreases 他就叫这个 0.0

ease 英[i:z] 美[iz] n. 安逸; 容易; 轻松,舒适; 不拘束,自在; vt. 减轻; 解除痛苦; 延缓; 松弛; vi. 缓解,减少; 轻松前进; [例句]She lived a life of ease.她过着安逸的生活.[其他] 第三人称单数:eases 复数:eases 现在分词:easing 过去式:eased 过去分词:eased 形近词: coase abase

Everyone has dreams.My dream is to become a doctor.The doctor is a great career.The doctor can help people solve the pain .To this dream, I want to earnestly study and learn about the doctor's knowledge.I grew up, have to become a good doctor.I strive for this dream.

ease[英][i:z][美][iz]n.轻松,舒适; 容易; 安逸; 不拘束,自在; vt.解除痛苦; 减轻; 延缓; 松弛; vi.缓解,减少; 轻松前进; 第三人称单数:eases过去分词:eased复数:eases现在进行时:easing过去式:eased句:1.Bitcoin could also lower transaction costs or ease the transmission of remittances. 这种货币也可以降低交易费用,缓解汇款传输系统的压力.

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