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be in contact with[英][bi: in ˈkɔntækt wið][美][bi ɪn ˈkɑnˌtækt wɪð] 和…接触,有联系[脱离接触,失去联系]; 交往;

be in touch with sb.表状态 含义:“和某人保持联系” contact sb. 表动作 含义为“联系某人” contact 为动词时是及物动词,中间不能再加介词with,而当名词用时可以加介词with ,所以用be in contact with sb,可以等同于be in touch with sb.

be in contact with... = 会和某人联络 → 比较像一种状态 如: My colleague, Tina, will be in contact with you shortly. 我的同事,Tina, 在短时间内会与你联络. Keep in contact with 保持联络 →比较强调"保持"这个动作 如: Please keep in co...

前者表示动作,取得联系,后者表示状态,表示现在互相有联系的状态 前者侧重动作,这一刻有联系,后者侧重状态,一直保持 come in contact with: 取得联系,开始接触--从不联系到有联系,从没有接触到有接触,有变化过程; in contact with: 有...

make contact with sb 与in touch with sb大为不一样 make contact with sb:联系某人。是一次性的,可能以前认识,也可能不认识。 (be)in touch with sb:与某人一直有联系,一定是以前认识,而且一直有联络。

Attend seminars that will bring you in contact with the right people. 参加一些研讨会,能够让你接触到合适的人。 Get involved in fitness programs that will bring you in contact with new friends. 参与健身项目会让你结交新的朋友。 W...

contact with 与…联系 该词组中的contact常作为名词 例句: They are trying to make contact with the kidnappers. 他们正设法与绑架者接触。 It's a pity to lose contact with old schoolfriends. 跟老同学失去联系是件遗憾的事。 We keep in...

1 be in contact with vt. 接触(跟 ... 有联系) 例如:Have the children been in contact with disease?孩子们同这种疾病有过接触吗? 2 可接from----be absent from : 缺席 例如:He was absent from the meeting.他今天开会缺席。

区别: 1、contact 是及物动词,表示“与.....联系”所以不能加介词 with I will contact him by telephone. 我将打电话和他联系。 2、contact与with连用时作名词 如: I finally made contact with her in Paris. 我终于在巴黎同她取得了联系。

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