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我爱你,妈妈。I love you, mom

i love you mom 我爱你妈妈 我爱你妈妈 例句: 1. I love you. Do you still love me? 我爱你,你还爱我吗? 2. If I love you, you'd best beware! 但是如果我爱上你,你要小心了!

mom ,i love you-----------老妈,我爱你

i love you mom 网络 我爱你,妈妈 双语例句 1 I'll be there soon* I love you, Mom. 好,妈妈我马上就来妈妈,镇定点儿我很快就到我爱你,妈妈。 2 I said, I love you, Mom. 我对她说:我爱你,妈妈。 3 I dont take the time to tell you thi...

中文翻译为:我爱你,妈妈。 加油~如有什么疑问可以继续问我,很乐意帮助到你!😄

Mama 专辑:Greatest Hits 歌手:Spice Girls 时间::1999 she used to be my only enemy and never let me be free 她,我曾经唯一的敌人 catching me in places that i knew i shouldn't be 从不给予我自由的天地 every other day i crossed ...

回答和翻译如下: Mom,love you forever. 妈妈,永远爱你。

YOU CAN TRUST IN ME I know 我知道 It is hard to fall love 很难坠入爱河 When you feel blue 当灰暗的忧伤 Deep inside your heart 充满了你的心I'm sure我敢肯定 You got so much more to give你的内心还藏着无尽的热情 Believe in me相信我...

我永远爱我的家! 爸,妈和妹,我爱你们!!

Dear Mom, thank you for your love May, 11, it’s a special day. Today is Mother’s Day. I gave my mom a beautiful card with a flower. I said to my mother, “Dear mom, I always feel I am the luckiest child in the world, because I h...

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