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with 改for?

Xiamen is famous for a beautiful island calledGulangyu.It attracts tens of thousands of touristsevery year.Standing at the top of the hill on theisland,people can see Xiamen and a nearbyisland clearly

a.biggest,a where,a take,c passed,c shotd furs,d elephant,c extraordinary,b expand,a produced deadly,d watched,c performances,c Africa a.restored

我说下我自己的答案:借鉴下.91:正确92:woman---women93:friends后加 up94:play--playing95:去掉 to96:strongly---strong97:how--why98:make--- makes99:watch--watching100:thousands后加of

1.The most interesting sports are team sports2.Yes3.Tickets to important games are not easily bought4.they watch these kinds of games on TV5.Yes,but they don't mind根本就不是4级的,怎么感觉是初中的^^!

小题1:Countries小题2:unusual小题3:fruit小题4:Place小题5:flowers小题6:Monday小题 every weekend, thousands of young people from all over London travel to the Camden

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