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parallel并行双语对照词典结果:parallel[英][prlel][美][prll]adj.平行的; 相同的,类似的; [电]并联的; [计]并行的; adv.平行地,并列地; n.平行线(面); 相似物; 类比; 纬线; vt.使平行; 与…媲美; 与…相比; 与…相似


parallel用作形容词:1. Parallel events or situations happen at the same time as one another, or are similar to one another.同时发生的;相类似的parallel talks between the two countries' Foreign Ministers.两国外交部长同时进行的会谈Their

stereo 立体音响装置 parallel 同方向的 bridge 网桥、桥接器

在parallel to与 parallel with的搭配中,parallel均既可以做名词也可以作形容词,且两者并没有什么区别. 当parallel作名词时,两者的意思都是与…的相似之处,请看:A close parallel to this behaviour is found in dolphins. 在海豚身上发现了与此极

parallel structure 平行结构 平行的架构 parallel structure [英][prlel strkt][美][prll strkt] 平行结构; 例句:1.A purely inter-governmental arrangement could be legally tiresome for the eurozone,denying it access to eu

powericon该命令根据已知参数对模型仿真中用到的参数进行计算 powericon('UniversalBridgeCback',gcb); powericon('SetInternalModels','set',block,WantBlockChoice); 另外GCB=General Circuit Breaker 总电路断路器; 给你推荐一个论坛 matlab中文论坛,我一般找东西都去那,很给力的!!

parallel to 词典 vt. 平行于;与……平等 网络 平行于; 平行; 与…平行1 This trail was roughly parallel to the border.这条小路与边境线大致平行.2 Prior to, and in parallel to, that trend, the branded venture firms are creating a menu of different

parallel-assignment 平行作业 双语对照 词典结果:网络释义1. 平行赋值2. 并行赋值 例句:1.Abstract: in this paper, some primary problems and key techniques are analyzed and discussed on distributed processes of remote sensing imagery,

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