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persistently哂 [p'sstntl] 胆 [psstntl]adv.釈隔仇; 耕峇仇; 匯倖匠隅利 大耕峇仇;釈隔仇;釈隔音亳仇;隔偬仇1. Rachel gently but persistently imposed her will upon Douglas. 跡俳櫛溜卵徽峇广仇委徭失議吭垳膿紗公祇鯉性帽

^work done ̄ 根吶:垢恬楚they are based on an hourly , daily or weekly rate or on a certain amount of work done .麿断頁梓弌扮、晩、佛豚柴麻賜梓頼撹匯協議垢恬楚柴麻.payment will be proportional to the amount of work done 滑署繍嚥垢恬

persistently 耕峇仇 consistently 匯崑仇

appeal to do sth 萩箔(柵囎)蝶繁恂蝶並 appeal to[哂][pi:l tu:][胆][pil tu] 盆幗冷薦; 髻誘盆; 髻柵囎; 斤´嗤簾哈薦; 箭鞘:1.these securities could appeal to domestic investors, particularly prospective retirees. 宸乂屬発辛嬬氏簾哈忽坪誘彿宀,喩凪頁軸繍曜俚議繁.2.nor does it appeal to the bloggers in beijing. 万斤臼奨議鴬麼断匆短嗤簾哈薦.


blame [bleim] n. 狛払, 夭姥 vt. 夭姥, 粘夭 blame blame AHD:[blm] D.J.[ble!m] K.K.[blem]式麗強簡) blamed,,blames To hold responsible. 減夭 To find fault with; censure. 峺夭:孀´議餓危;峺夭,粘夭 To place responsibility

My view on failure There is no consensus of opinions among people as to the view of failure. Some people argue that everyone will have access to success when he does it. On the contrary, some other people think that failure is also not bad things

insist on1.釈隔; 膿距 He insisted on his demand.麿釈隔麿議勣箔.He insists on discipline in the classroom.麿匯香膿距仁銘射舵.She insisted on leaving at once.慢釈隔羨震祥恠.She insisted on her mother's living with her.慢釈隔勣慢銚牌才

あくまでも:1)恷朔/恷朔まで(晩囂盾瞥)/to the end 2)釈畳/功膿く(晩囂盾瞥)/persistently

begged beg議狛肇塀 v. 汝箔

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