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分为两种形式 当punishment作为惩罚并且有手段去实施惩罚 那就是可数名词 当punishment 没有具体手段去实施时 并较为抽象 那就是不可数名词

punishment richness

惩罚 用英语表达是: punishment; (名词) punish; (动词) penalize (动词) penalty (名词) 例句: 她由于顶嘴而受到了老师的惩罚。 She was punished by teachers for answering back.

punish KK: [] DJ: [] vt. 1. 罚;惩罚,处罚[(+for)] Motorists should be severely punished for speeding. 超速驾车的人应受严厉惩罚。 The teacher punished her students for cheating in the exam. 老师处罚学生考试作弊。 2. 【口】折磨;损...

book是可数名词 book这个词应该是相当的可数(countable). 它在作“图书”(a set of printed pages that are held together in a cover so that you can read them)、“笔记本”(a set of sheets of paper held together in a cover so that you...

punishmentsn. 惩罚(punishment的复数) The most severe punishments are seldom, if ever, applied. 最严厉的惩罚的确是很少见的。 The preacher warned us of the punishments in the hell. 传教士警告我们地狱里的种种惩罚。 Punishments v...

当惩罚与手段挂钩的时候用可数.如:i take away 50 yuan from him as a punishment for breaking the window. 这里有手段,就是take away 50 yuan from him,所以可数. 没有具体手段,较抽象的是不可数,如the criminal will no escape punishment

punish 惩罚 unpunish 没有受到惩罚 punished 已经受到了惩罚 unpunished 还没有受到应有的惩罚

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