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vi. 1. 诉诸,凭借,求助[(+to)] It was after the failure of this attempt that he resorted to force. 是这次尝试失败之后他才诉诸武力的。 2. 经常去[(+to)] The beggar resorted to the restaurant for some soup. 这个乞丐常去该饭店要汤喝...

it was after the failure of this attempt that he resorted to force.这是对 状语 强调的 强调句型 = he resorted to force after the failure of...


D When the homeless child had no more money, he turned to stealing. resort to诉诸于, 采取 = turn to转向, 求助于, 致力于;其中的to是介词,后跟动名词的stealing作宾语

The worker主语 resorted谓语 to the law宾语 to ask his boss to pay his salary目的状语(是ask someone to dosomething结构).工人诉诸法律要求他的老板支付他的工资

意大利语歌词翻译: Time to Say Goodbye(Con Te Partiro) Quando sono solo sogno all’orizzonte e mancan le parole, si lo so che non c’?luce in una stanza quando manca il sole, se non ci sei tu con me, con me. Su le finestre mostra...

由于戴克区的关注及钻井剖面中的资料,我们认为存在这种可能性:可能不得不放弃定向钻进(方法),要么明挖穿越河流或,要么再不得不回到矿井掘进方式。 注:...

I think the modern sports spirit, cannot be resorted to in order to win the game, sport must be fair and just,

,这个时间至少比B/L DATE晚了15-20天,具体的天数主要看承运船的航程。作为买方,当然是AFTER SIGHT有利,而且这个时间点是一个不确定的时间点,可以任意


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