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In modern society, we may feel that people are more indifferent to others than before. We must put forth flowers. Moral integrity and unselfishness are the flowers of life.” If

Life is short, but we do have a lot of life needs. Water, fresh air are two basic needs, but not enough. We need nutrition and we need energy, and we need spirit. The difference between humans and other animals is our spirit needs make us want

楼上的1. 跟 why do we need plants 这个主题完全不一样2. 网上抄的 Why do we need plants?We need plants for food. Where do you think all our vegtables come froms? Where do you think so many of the food we eat today comes from? They all

happyness 1.There is something in the world.It has no shape,no color and no weight.It happiness.Now I know what happiness is.It means kindness,love and unselfishness.

My happiness is very simple, one family together eat family reunion dinner, everyone laughs, speak one's mind freely, happy.My family happy and healthy, work smoothly.This happiness is anything can not be replaced.This is happy, is happy, is

意思是:公正没有偏心;不自私.一、拼音 无私 [ wú sī ] 二、出处 春秋左丘明《左传成公九年》:“乐操土风,不忘旧也.称大子,抑无私也.” 释义:奏家乡的乐曲,这是不忘记故土.(举出楚君做)太子时候的事,这是没有私心.三

Many people believe that having a lot of money is the greatest happiness in life. But I don't agree with them, because money is not everything. Money can't make us a true man.很多人认为拥有很多钱是人生最大的幸福.但我不同意他们的想法,因

是这个么?但是这是阅读啊The idea of teamwork is very important to the success of any team. All coaches talk about working as one unit, as a team that plays as one. Teamwork and unselfishness (无私) create the

无私 拼音:wúsī (1) [selflessness;disinterested;inselfish]∶不只是顾自己的利益. 无私奉献 (2) [unselfishness]∶没有私心. 《左传成公九年》:“乐操土风,不忘旧也.称大子,抑无私也.” 清朝张锡祚 《月蚀诗》:“吾闻皇天无私泰阶平,二纪五纬谁相争.” 艾青《在浪尖上》诗:“活着的时候越无私,人民的怀念也最永恒.”

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