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你好! 你城市的冬天天气怎么样? 满意请采纳,谢谢

what'syourcitylike?的答语 It's clean and beautiful. 它很干净也很漂亮。 what'syourcitylike?的答语 It's clean and beautiful. 它很干净也很漂亮。

what's your city like? 词典结果 what's your city like? 你的城市是什么样的?

write down yours address,city,state,or...的中文翻译 write down yours address,city,state,or country. 写下你的地址,城市,州,或国家。

My capital city is Jinan(济南).

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The Weather In Our City I live in Hangzhou.It's a beautiful city.The weather here is fine. There are four seasons here:spring,summer,autumn,and winter. Spring comes usually between February and March.It's warm here in spring.Th...

What"s the weather like in spring in your city

1. Passport Number 护照号码2. Place of Issuance (City,Country,State/Province) 护照颁发地3. Issuing Country 护照颁发国家4. Issuance Date 颁发...

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